Windswept Stars

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Like a shadow it looms...

Even as it's the middle of baseball season, I can feel its ever-growing presence. It haunts me, but fuels me at the same time. Today, they announced the hockey lockout ended...secretly, I must confess...I wanted more updates on a stoner's weight condition.

What is it about fantasy football?

Why is it greater than all else in sports, now?

As soon as July's last day expires, it becomes August and an ocean of sporting magazines detailing every possible statistical prediction that they shall arrive...sending me into MADNESS.


This year, I travel to Las Vegas spending one-thousand dollars in an effort to win $100,000. Is that enough to satisfy me? Will I drop $500 on two local leagues with friends? How about 2 'free' leagues with more friends?

Will my brain explode during Week 5 as my eyes turn to flames at 3 PM watching two televisions with DirecTV...

...I also bleed ugly Baltimore Ravens blood...

Does anyone feel like this?
Are you queasy just knowing its time for your soul to die a little more each day, once more...because it makes you a man?
Am I just fucking crazy?

...will someone please shoot the fat guy singing to Dick Butkus?


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