Windswept Stars

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Top reason why Gregg Gethard's blog will always be better than mine... (IN HONOR OF THE RUSSO)

GG: "All the NJ kids that loved to do cocaine." Truer words never spoken.
me: LOL
GG: La Salle was pretty much Coke U for a while. It was disgusting.
me: *nods*
me: I had rich white kids doing it and selling it everywhere.
GG: yeah, same with us. I'll blog it eventually -- I was in a room once with kids doing coke AND acid at the same time. I was the only sober one, and they were talking about killing me.
Me: Oh man.
Me: See, we were happy trippers.
GG: My best friend was on acid. He told me "don't make any sudden moves and leave the room slowly." I would have been CRUSHED that night.
GG: Oh man, targeting goths!
GG: I got an even better school newspaper headline for you.
GG: Actually, there are two. One I'm directly involved with. The other I'm not.
Me: Yeah, luckily I wasn't *really* involved with it.
Me: I'm sure you'll love the Gilli quote too.
GG: 1) "Barney, the purple molesting dinosaur, targets campus" -- from La Salle. My best friend stole a Barney costume and tormented sorority girls.
Me: hahaha
GG: But this is the best one -- "Defacating vandals strike dorm." My old roommate McGuire, a man who has brought more vandalism joy to my life then any other, was visiting Widener University and took a bunch of shits in a dryer.
Me: I think the greatest coup I ever pulled was sleeping w/ the president of a 'hot' one and never even joining a frat to do it.
GG: hahaha
Me: She was bisexual too.
Me: I miss my youth.
Me: It was very alarming she was a sorority president knowing this about her too.
GG: I got invited to a formal by this slut I was friends with but didn't go. The reason she invited me is because "she didn't feel like having sex that night." I went on a road trip to Annapolis instead.