Windswept Stars

Friday, August 05, 2005

Make this Haze Go away...

I'm excited because I am seeing the Black Crowes at the Fillmore this weekend. Except for Blind Melon, I believe this is the one band of my generation that captured my kindred spirit of my 20's. Start off extremely popular, go into life-harrowing drug experiences where their peers start actually respecting them for their work and then come out of it with a foggy memory, 10-15 relationships gone awry and now trying to reclaim past glories...and not doing a bad job of it.

I refuse to correlate my life to Seattle bands or Scott Weiland or any crap most people call music today. So, fuck off on that front.

I also read Kate Hudson won't mind if her husband cheats on her, as long as he doesn't catch him and everything's hunky-dory at home. I applaud her efforts and hope she looks for me tonight at 8 PM at the Boom-Boom Room across the street. Its better to strike first then last, honey.

Anyway, I leave you all with these lyrics for the weekend:

"One mirror too many gonna tie you up
A life forever empty has got to be tough
Too many starless night gonna leave you blind
You can never make it right"

Here's too starless or starfilled nights.


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